Advantages of having loyalty stamps custom made


More and more businesses are rewarding their customers via loyalty cards. Loyalty cards tend to be used in shops, cafes and clubs and can be an incredible marketing device. Generally, each time a customer makes a purchase, their card is stamped – and once it has been stamped a certain amount of times, they are usually given a reward.


The stamps themselves can be used thousands of times before they need to be replaced or re-inked. Many companies choose to opt for a custom design in order to make an impression with their own logo or branding. We can offer loyalty stamps custom made here at Rubber Stamp King, giving you a choice of stamp types and sizes and allowing you to upload your image via our online artwork uploader. You can also provide us with text or other instructions in the accompanying contact form.


The value of loyalty cards has been demonstrated time and time again. Customers are far more likely to return to you if they have an incentive to do so. You can reward your customers every five, ten or twenty times they make a purchase or at any interval of your choosing – it's up to you to decide. Loyalty cards don't only encourage existing customers to visit you – they can encourage new people to find out more about your services too. If you don't have a great amount to spend on advertising, why not benefit from the word-of-mouth process and offer loyalty cards?


Loyalty cards can encourage customers to make purchases that wouldn't otherwise occur. The more your customers buy from you, the more you are both rewarded. You can even use cards to encourage existing customers to try something new. If you ran a shop but had started to offer hot drinks, for example, the cards could help you to sell them and make people aware that you were now offering this service. Cards can also tell you a great deal about your customers' habits and how to adapt to them.


All that you have to do to purchase a loyalty card stamp from Rubber Stamp King is choose your preferred mode and size, upload your logo or artwork with any other details and follow the instructions through to checkout.


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