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Loyalty stamp cards or customer loyalty cards can help you to drive custom and get people coming through your doors time and time again. More and more businesses are feeling the benefits of investing in loyalty stamps. Loyalty stamp cards can give your firm the marketing boost that it requires, and if you get in touch with the team at Rubber Stamp King, you can obtain personalised rubber stamps.


Loyalty card campaigns give your customers a reason to come back and can also attract new people to your business. Many businesses have seen a remarkable turnaround in their fortunes after embarking on a loyalty card campaign.


Here at Rubber Stamp King, we specialise in providing our customers with top-class stamps for a variety of purposes. We offer self-inking, pre-inked and traditional stamps and you can add your logo, text or borders to your stamps at no extra cost. Delivery is free within the UK and you can contact us at any time if you do have any queries about our products.


All of our products come fully guaranteed and are of high quality. We use the latest innovative digital laser cutting technology to produce our rubber dies and each and every one of the items that you see on our website are in stock. We can offer same or next day dispatch.


More and more customers are choosing us over the competition due to our low prices, high customer care standards and vast flexibility. What's more is that there are even more products in stock that aren't listed on our website - so why not get in touch if you have more specialised requirements?


We can be your one-stop shop for stamps and accessories, relating to loyalty stamp cards and so much more besides. We stock top-class products including items from the MaxStamp and Maxum ranges. We also stock the popular Perma pre-inked stamps –these can give you up to 50,000 impressions before they need to be refreshed.


Personalised rubber stamps and loyalty stamp cards really can make a difference to your fortunes, so why wait any longer to order a customised stamp from Rubber Stamp King? We've helped businesses across the UK to increase sales and get more customers through their doors.