Consider custom made loyalty card stamps for your business

Consider custom made loyalty card stamps for your business


Loyalty programs have become commonly used by major businesses in the UK - and indeed, a great variety of businesses, not just large ones, could benefit from launching one. Nor does it need to be expensive to do so, especially as Rubber Stamp King offers loyalty card stamps that are custom made and so can help you to set up a loyalty scheme that visually reflects your company's unique ethos.


To encourage continued business from your customers, you can offer them a loyalty card that bears your company's name and logo and can be stamped by one of your staff every time the customer makes a purchase. Then, once a certain number of stamps have been applied to the card, the card holder could be entitled to a reward - whether that be a discount on their next purchase, a wholly free product, or anything else that you reckon your customers would especially appreciate.


Such a scheme can be invaluable in building a reliable customer base, especially if your business is not long-established. However, as with any of your company's promotional materials, the loyalty card should not only look good, but also reflect your business's unique character. In mentioning the card here, we include the stamped symbols that will adorn the cards of faithful customers.


Although Rubber Stamp King also offers ready made loyalty card stamps for when familiar symbols like hearts or Christmas holly would suffice, you can make a bigger impression by opting for loyalty card stamps that are custom made to stamp images more closely associated with your company. These could include, for example, your company’s logo or more elaborate artwork.


Arranging for the manufacture and delivery of a custom made loyalty card stamp from Rubber Stamp King is also more straightforward and less cumbersome than you might expect. You can just indicate your desired stamp model and size, upload the logo or artwork, input text details and instructions concerning font type and other aspects, and then progress through the checkout before approving the PDF preview image that we email you.


Rubber Stamp King will then make the stamp before dispatching it by 1st Class post. Don't forget to also investigate the other stamps that we stock - you never know how they could help your business to progress!