Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamp MaxStamp

Everyday working life has been made simpler for most of us these days by technological innovations, from the PC and printer to the iPad and iphone - but it's easy to underestimate just how much certain simpler inventions have helped in this regard, too.

Custom Self inking stamps are a good example of such an invention, and the best of them - from the MaxStamp brand - are available at a highly discounted price at Rubber Stamp King. The way these stamps work is very simple. They incorporate a long lasting replaceable ink pad and are manufactured from high impact recycled plastic. You can choose from a range of ink pads, including black, blue, red, green, purple and dry - The dry ink pad option is if you intend to use your own ink or out A1 Ink which is for use on glossy/laminated surfaces. This is ideal for use with Loyalty Cards that are shiny!

You have many options when you shop for MaxStamp custom self inking stamps with us. It doesn't cost you anything more to order this stamp with text, logos or a border, and all that you have to do is place your order, followed by emailing us with the specific requirements for your stamp, or even making use of the provided artwork upload facility and text box. Simples!

You may require custom self inking stamps with your own image or logo, in which case, you should ensure that you provide us with a JPEG at a minimum of 300dpi or a good quality PDF. We'll then get to work on your stamp's design, only proceeding to manufacture once you have checked and approved the image of the impression in the PDF that we email to you.

There are various types of MaxStamp self inking stamps, even including an eco-friendly, 100% recycled stamp for those especially socially conscious offices. But it's worth reminding ourselves of the great worth of the self inking stamp in the modern workplace. They are routinely used by time-poor businesses and organisations for the identification of vital paperwork.

Self inking stamps have been around since the mid-20th century, and their appeal is obvious: they can be used countless times to create a precise image, in the knowledge that the ink pads are extremely easy and quick to replace but also long lasting. These stamps are highly affordable and simple to use and maintain, these characteristics alone having made them a real mainstay of 21st century offices.