Custom Stamps for Nurses

It is now common place for a Nurse to carry a self inking rubber stamp with them that can be used quickly and easily on the ward and one that can easily fit in the pocket of the uniform.
But what sort of rubber stamp do you purchase, where from and how easy is it?
The best type to go for is the brilliant and well tested Trodat Printy 4908.
This custom stamp will accommodate two lines of text at 6 point, ten characters on each including spaces with a choice of colour inks:-
Black, Blue, Red, Green and Purple all of which are replaceable when they fade.
It is really easy to order these online and you can have something that looks like this:-
Kevin Tearle
Senior Midwife
The Trodat 4908 is reliable and durable and is there when you need it.
Buy yours now at Rubber Stamp King with FREE Design and Same/Next day dispatch - To order click here.
That was easy!