For all of the predictions that you might have heard about the demise of the rubber stamp - "after all", so the saying goes, "surely one day, absolutely everything will be done via a computer screen" - they remain as common a sight in our homes and workplaces as they have ever been. Indeed, there's still a very broad range of types of stamps that people require for various purposes, from cheque stamps and Christmas stamps to ID fraud protection stamps and loyalty card stamps.


However, amid all of the more innovative stamps that have emerged over the years in our presently highly technological world, there are certain more traditional options that remain as essential as ever. Date stamps very much head this list. Whether you run a library or are in any of a wide assortment of other industries where such stamps are necessary, you'll want yours to be well-designed, built and functional so that it consistently and effectively stamps the date that you need it to for a productive lifetime of use.


It helps that we can offer date stamps from many of the most renowned brands, such as MaxStamp, from which we stock the likes of the C43/D 41mm Round Custom Date Stamp Self Inking Maxum SI-C43D. It is a well-priced stamp manufactured from high impact plastic, also including a long lasting replaceable ink pad. This latter feature can be specified in such colours as black, blue, red, green and purple. A dry ink pad can also be chosen, should you prefer to use your own or a separate ink. Remember, too, that this stamp can be ordered with your own text, logos and border at no additional cost.


MaxStamp also offers the 4/D 73x35mm SI-40D and the 5/D 58x38mm SI-50D in its range of date stamps. However, we'd strongly urge you not to overlook such options from other brands as the Trodat Printy 4820 Line Date Stamp 4mm 74000, another high impact plastic stamp with a replaceable ink pad. It is a readymade stamp that already comes with a black ink pad. Or perhaps you'd prefer the Colop Printer Oval 55 Custom Self Inking Date Stamp 55x35mm, again able to be ordered with your own text, logos and border.


Here at Rubber Stamp King, our complete range of high quality and affordable date stamps is available to browse right now - so why not see which one might be best for your own requirements?


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