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Fabric / Clothes Marking Stamp Kit - Name Stamp and Ink Pad

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Fabric / Clothes Marking Stamp Kit - Name Stamp and Ink Pad
Part Number: FABRIC1

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One line of Text - Custom Made - Forename & Surname


This item comes complete with an ink pad to mark fabric / clothing labels in BLACK ink.
Maximum print size 28mm wide - Custom Made by us and sent out ready made - Just email us the name as you would like it to appear on the stamp.

Whilst the ink pad that is supplied is permanent ink for marking clothing / fabric / linen it will fade over time, much like a laundry marking pen and your item will need to be stamped again from time to time.

The is supplied as a kit. You will receive a Custom Made Stamp, a dry ink pad and a bottle of linen marking ink. When you ink the pad use just enough ink for what you need. A little ink goes a long way and don't press too hard! 

Please do some test runs on paper first so you are happy with the result and then go for it! These do save so much time.

If you require an additional stamp enter FABRIC2 in the search bar.

We would advise that you use the stamp to mark a label within the clothing or a blank iron-on or sewn in label. We don't recommend stamping directly on to the clothing.

Once you have approved the artwork your Rubber Stamp will be posted 1st Class the same or next working day (Monday to Friday) Please allow 1-3 days for 1st Class Packets.

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