Blog Post 18/11/2014


Feel festive with our Christmas stamps


The seasonal adverts are out, the shops are fully stocked with advent calendars and the winter air is creeping in again. Suddenly, Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone’s starting to feel the festive cheer once more. Want to get involved with the seasonal colour and fun? Then you should try Rubber Stamp King’s great range of Christmas rubber stamps.


When you’re writing out your Christmas cards this year, try adding one of the stamp designs to your message for a touch of vibrancy and colour. We’ve found this can be a great way to get your kids involved in the process too!


Younger children, of course, aren’t very adept at writing yet, and even when they get a little older they probably won’t want to sign their name to every card. But using a stamp is much more fun! Give them one to finish off each card and they’ll be ready to get involved. These stamps will be even more in demand if your kids are starting to write out their own cards for friends at school.


You’ll also find these stamps useful for Christmas handicrafts. If you like making things for around the house, you can incorporate the designs into your work. Each one of our stamps is available in a range of colours: black, blue, red, green, and purple.


We can also supply a dry pad if you want to use your own ink. This means that you can fit the stamp in with whatever design you choose for your handicrafts, or you can pick up one of our replacement pads to get a variety of colours for yourself.


We have five festive designs to choose from: a Christmas tree, a crown, a garland of holly, a pair of bells and a reindeer. Each one is made from high impact plastic and comes with a long-lasting ink pad, so you’ll be able to use it year after year.


Our customers have found that stamping is a great way to add a distinctive touch to all of their Christmas projects. Rubber Stamp King is the perfect place to pick them up, so have a look at our designs today to make sure that you have a very merry Christmas.


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