Grow your business with a QR code stamp


If your business isn’t using QR codes, it is missing out on an easy way to reach more customers, build better relationships and increase sales. Start today with a QR code stamp from Rubber Stamp King, and watch your business grow.


Link to social media


Businesses all over the world are coming to accept the enormous power of social media, and are learning to leverage it to optimise their sales, visibility and reputation. Now is the time for you to do the same.


Using a QR code is an ideal way to take advantage of this increasingly influential medium. With a quick scan, your business or services can be liked on Facebook, followed on Twitter or pinned on Pinterest, and word of mouth will spread without you even lifting a finger.


More contacts


As a business owner, you should understand the value of motivating as many as possible of the people using your services to sign up for your email newsletters. This allows you to stay visible, and helps to cement your reputation as a dependable source of information. You’ll also be able to offer incentives to encourage repeat purchases.


All of that can be made easy with a QR code set to your email address. There's no need to solicit a customer’s email address directly - just ask them to scan the code.


Low cost


Considering the advantages that come with QR codes, it’s hard to argue that they aren't worth investing in, especially when the investment itself is so minimal. In fact, QR codes are completely free, and you can sign up for services that allow you to track usage for extremely low monthly rates.


Of course, you’ll have to spend money on printing costs – unless you pick up one of our QR code stamps. Imagine how much further a single stamp could take your business this year, and then place your order with us!


Now all you have to do is enter the web address, social media site or email address that you want the code to link to, and we’ll generate a high-quality coded stamp. Simple and affordable, this is a business tool that you can’t risk missing out on.