Loyalty cards are a great way of assuring you gaining repeat business from your customers.
If you are thinking of starting a loyalty card scheme for your business we can help you with a great little self inking stamp personalised and custom made using your logo or text.
We would always recommend using a unique image for you loyalty card stamp as there are so many people around who will always try and purchase a stamp to copy yours to gain a Freebie!
Café Nero and Nando's have had huge problems with this.
Nando's now use a special UV Ink with their loyalty Card Stamp which prints in green but also glows under UV light. This ink is very hard to come by thus preventing a great deal of the unscrupulous use they experienced with their previous stamp.
At www.rubberstampking.co.uk we will never reproduce your stamp for anybody other than yourself so you are safe in the knowledge that your stamp will remain unique to you.
If you are interested in purchasing a loyalty card stamp for your business click here for our range of recommended stamps that are perfect for the job!