Mechanic stamps and other less obvious rubber stamp options


If you'd told an office colleague just 10-15 years ago that rubber stamps would not merely still exist in the year 2014, but would actually be thriving, they might have considered you quite mad. After all, those years ago, expectations were more widespread of the 'paperless office' becoming an inevitable reality. We expected all of today's assorted techno-gadgetry to sweep away those remnants of a manual past, with rubber stamps surely being the first to be ditched.


That hasn't been the case in reality, however. Indeed, technology has actually helped to make the rubber stamp more relevant to modern office needs. Rubber stamp manufacturers have responded to the diverse needs of early 21st century businesses with a broad assortment of highly specialised stamps, and the popularisation of Internet shopping has made these stamps easier to obtain through convenient and well-stocked online stores like Rubber Stamp King.


Let's imagine that you run your own garage. Years ago, you might have never expected to be able to order specialised pre-inked mechanic stamps, featuring a message like 'SELF SERVICED to manufacturers schedule', followed by space for a signature and date. This example is obviously the perfect stamp for a DIY mechanic who self services their own vehicles, and such a stamp can be bought from Rubber Stamp King, at the perfect size to suit most service books and with various ink print colours to choose from.


But changing technology and the businesses that have changed as a consequence have also created a market for the social media stamp, with a message like 'Follow us on Twitter' or 'Find us on Facebook', able to be customised with your own QR code. Alternatively, you may need to securely mark your possessions in a quick and easy way, which may make our Custom Security Marking Stamp Kit of interest. Its special security ink cannot be seen by the naked eye, but becomes visible under UV light.


We are also a popular online store for Royal Mail PPI stamps, not least as our pre-inked and self-inking offerings have artwork approved by Royal Mail itself. Another long-time British institution where there is a pressing need for self-inking rubber stamps is the NHS, and sure enough, Rubber Stamp King also stocks the Trodat Printy Self Inking Rubber Stamp for use by doctors or nurses. It comes with a long lasting replaceable ink pad in a choice of colours, including black, blue, red, green or purple.


Whether you're in the market for NHS stamps, Royal Mail PPI stamps, QR code stamps or mechanic stamps, you can expect them to be well-priced and of the highest quality when you source them from Rubber Stamp King.


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