Our NHS stamps make life easier for doctors and nurses


Most medical professionals work in inherently busy, fast-paced environments, so it's no surprise that stamps are widely used in facilities all across the country. Our Trodat Printy Self Inking Rubber Stamps are perfect for use as NHS stamps and have become extremely popular within the industry due to their durability, reliability and ease of use.


These stamps have been specially designed to hold a large amount of information, even while being small and easy to carry. Relatively compact and light, they fit unobtrusively into pockets and the design emphasises smooth curves over sharp edges, meaning that this stamp will never become a cause of discomfort.


To ensure that you won’t need to order a replacement for years to come, the body of the stamp is made from high impact plastic, which ably protects it from incidental damage. Even the ink pad is long-lasting and can be easily replaced when it finally does run dry. 


Despite being small enough to carry around in your pocket, these stamps are able to fit in a surprising amount of text. The print area itself is small and compact, so it fits nicely with most of the forms that doctors and nurses encounter on a daily basis, but you’ll still be able to specify two lines of text at 6pt text size, with a generous ten characters on each line. The ability of these stamps to deliver larger amounts of information than normal, while still keeping the print area condensed, is a large part of why they have become so popular with doctors and nurses throughout the NHS.


Our Trodat Printy Self Inking Rubber Stamps are available with several colours of ink pad, including black, blue, red, green, and purple. You may also order them dry, should you need to use your own separate ink. When you order these stamps, you can add text, borders and logos without incurring any extra costs.


Any medical institutions or departments that require NHS stamps should contact Rubber Stamp King today. Order now and we’ll send your order out the very next working day, with no extra charge for 1st class delivery.