Blog Post 03/11/2014


Our teacher stamps make your job so much easier


You don't need to read the news to know just how tough things are for teachers these days - a great many of us have family, friends and/or acquaintances who are teachers, and therefore know first-hand what kind of pressures they are under. Or perhaps you're a teacher yourself? In that case, you are sure to appreciate anything and everything that could possibly be done to lighten your workload... such as our own teacher and education stamps.


The need for stamps as a teacher is obvious. When you're marking the work of your pupils, it's an extreme inconvenience to have to write down the same or similar feedback, over and over again. With our dedicated teacher stamps - which are all, by the way, self-inking stamps, ensuring no need for a separate pad - you can quickly and easily communicate the messages that you wish to communicate to your pupils in their exercise books, or when marking any other kind of work.


We have a star-shaped stamp, for example, which comes supplied with a grey/silver or yellow ink pad. Also in stock at Rubber Stamp King at the moment are green stamps with messages such as 'Learning Objective Achieved', 'I Read In A Group Today' and 'Verbal Feedback Given'. Various other designs exist in such colours as purple, blue and red, with the available designs incorporating stars, smiling faces, bees and thumbs up among the motifs.


You're probably getting the idea by now - whatever design of teacher stamp that you could possibly require, it is sure to be represented in our selection of specialised self-inking stamps right here at Rubber Stamp King. You might decide to order a purple stamp with a smiling face surrounded by petals, underneath which can be found the words 'Beautiful'. Or maybe your eye has been caught by a red self-inking stamp that features a bespectacled owl wearing a mortarboard hat, accompanied by the words 'Smart Work'?


With other messages for our teacher stamps including the likes of 'This is Good Work' and 'Target Met', to say nothing of the various friendly and appealing motifs used, it's clear that Rubber Stamp King really is the place to look for the complete range of rubber stamps of this type - or indeed, of any type! Best of luck from us for your academic year ahead.


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