Part Worn Tyre Marking

Marking part worn tyres is now a legal requirement for anyone wishing to sell Part Worn Tyres in the UK.
Currently it would appear that if you are selling Part Worn Tyres you only have a limited choice of ways to mark your tyres.
  1. Rubber Patches - Which adhere to the outside of the tyre similar to a puncture repair patch.
  2. Rubber Stamp Tyre Marking Kit.
The requirement is that a Part Worn Tyre has to be permanently marked with PART WORN in capitals with a minimum height of 4mm Characters.
We can help with this with a low cost tyre marking kit which contains:-
  • Rubber Stamp with 5mm Characters that reads PART WORN
  • Dry Ink Pad
  • 2oz bottle of Special Rubber / Tyre Marking Ink
The Ink is available in the following colours:-
  • White (Most Popular!)
  • Black
  • Red
If you would like the addition of you Business Logo or Name that is no problem.
Two kits are available.
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