Recent years have seen significantly greater technological sophistication in the average British office. We've gone in a relatively short period of time from cumbersome PCs and fax machines to slick and intuitive wireless broadband, smartphones and tablets - but some things never really change. That's right - we're talking about custom rubber stamps.


It seems that the rubber stamp, like the stapler, notepad and pen, will always have a place in the UK workplace. Sometimes, paper is just best - and more convenient. When your business needs the finest custom rubber stamps, there's only one place to look - Rubber Stamp King. For more than 26 years now, we've been supplying businesses like yours with self inking stamps, pre inked stamps and traditional stamps, all customised with your own choice of logos, text and borders.


It doesn't cost you anything extra to have your rubber stamps customised by us, and we also deliver for free, regardless of your location in the UK. Our range of custom rubber stamps is unequalled by any other company, and includes self inking stamps under the MaxStamp, Maxum and Trodat Printy brands, as well as the finest Colop Printer branded stamps. We also stock plenty of bulk standard traditional rubber stamps.


If you have especially exacting expectations for your rubber stamps, we even offer the premium quality Perma pre inked stamps that are capable of producing as many as 50,000 perfect impressions before you need to refresh them. Our range of replacement ink pads is also formidable and competitively priced. When you buy a rubber stamp from Rubber Stamp King, you can also be assured that it is guaranteed and of the highest quality, having been manufactured using state-of-the-art digital laser cutting technology.


Our rubber dies are manufactured on a daily basis right here in the UK. Every item on our website is also in stock right now, and subject to the approval of artwork, can be dispatched on the same or next day. Put simply, no company makes great quality custom rubber stamps as fast as Rubber Stamp King, or to the highest standards, for immediate delivery to a UK workplace.