If there is any invention that was surely going to be phased out with the arrival of widespread office IT and the 'paperless office', it was the humble rubber stamp. However, things haven't quite worked out like that. Yes, our workplaces may now be full of all manner of desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, printers and fax machines, but they also seem to be as cluttered with paper as they ever were.


But something else odd has happened - a continuing proliferation in the different types of rubber stamps out there, some of them even coming into existence due to that aforementioned technology. Consider the social media stamp, for instance. These are a great way of advertising your company's social media presence on your old-fashioned paper materials such as your business cards, invoices and letterheads.


A strong range of social media stamps is offered by the online store Rubber Stamp King, displaying a message like 'Follow us on Twitter' accompanied by a QR code. When a customer uses their smartphone to scan this code, they are taken through to your social media page. The store also offers a Facebook equivalent stamp, with each one capable of up to 50,000 impressions.


But it isn't just social media stamps that Rubber Stamp King offers among the more unusual rubber stamps out there. ID fraud protection rubber stamps are also available as a more affordable means of covering your personal information than a shredder, the store offering them in two sizes.


Or what about what's known as a 'Return to Sender' stamp? These stamps display a message like 'Return to sender - This person is not known at this address, please amend your records', and in the case of those in stock at Rubber Stamp King, combine manufacture from high impact plastic with a long-lasting replaceable red ink pad.


Rubber Stamp King has even established a strong reputation for the supply of Royal Mail PPI stamps, featuring the new style Royal Mail PPI logo. These stamps feature artwork approved by Royal Mail itself, with buyers able to specify their PPI Licence Number so that it appears exactly that way on the final stamp.


There are even NHS self-inking rubber stamps offered by Rubber Stamp King for doctors and nurses, as well as - for those seeking something extremely different - humorous stamps with exclamations like 'WTF'. You'll even find Christmas themed stamps in the store, if you are so inclined to plan ahead. All in all, it seems that Rubber Stamp King really does offer every conceivable type of rubber stamp.


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