Stamp your latest marketing campaign with a useful QR code


Rubber stamping is an old piece of technology that is keeping pace with modern offices. Just consider the QR code stamp. This is a nifty way to put a web link onto any piece of paper, which can then be scanned by smartphone users.


For instance, you might have a marketing campaign with a QR code stamped onto the front of a thousand envelopes. Your printer might not be able to print onto envelopes, and rather than wasting half a day in your word processor working out how to do so, stamping directly onto the paper is a lot more user friendly. Of course, if a word processor gets it wrong, a thousand envelopes might also be printed incorrectly, which would cause a terrible hold up in the campaign.


With your QR code stamp, you can get a very long website address onto a small piece of paper. As you know, a URL can direct a user to anything. The QR code you've just stamped onto an envelope can link to a voucher for your customers, a promotional video or even a sound recording. You could even link it to your company's radio advert. Those of you who understand direct marketing can see the intrigue you can create if you use a QR code as the envelope message, and the office junior might as well get stamping if he's also doing the envelope stuffing.


A QR code stamp can also drive people to your social media networks. In fact, we have social media stamps designed specifically for that purpose with Twitter and Facebook logos on them. That means that if you spy any piece of collateral in the office that doesn't have a social media link, you can quickly stamp the literature before it goes out to the public. This is great for updating old pieces of marketing paraphernalia that you can still make use of.


In addition, a stamp is a good way to get a message onto material that you just can't put through a printer. Imagine that your company holds a dinner event with top industry figures, and you want to get a message right in front of their noses. Use the QR code stamp on the napkins, and you can even link the message to a business proposal.


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