The intriguing history of rubber stamps


We are certainly proud of the diversity of rubber stamps stocked here at Rubber Stamp King; they range from self-inking and pre-inked to more traditional stamps, with all of them able to be customised. However, spare a thought for your ancestors of several centuries ago, who could not choose from such a large range of useful stamps. How did rubber stamps develop over time?


The history of rubber stamps can, in a sense, be traced all the way back to 100 AD, as it has been recorded that people in China back then carved text onto stamps before dipping them in ink and using them to print text onto paper. However, we say "in a sense" because these stamps were not necessarily made from rubber, but instead thick hide or blocks.


Nonetheless, these early stamps were used in much the same way as modern conventional stamps. Why change a technique that works well? The method by which these early stamps were manufactured was taken up in Europe in the 14th century.


Today, it is not public knowledge exactly when the rubber stamp was invented, but it seems likely to have occurred in the 19th century, when widespread production really ramped up. It is possible that the stamp originated with one B.B. Hill in the early 1860s, when his rubber Brass Wheel Ribbon Ticket Dater was first seen. Hill has been dubbed "the father of the mechanical hand stamp".


By the early 20th century, there was a firmly established industry for rubber stamps. Further crucial developments occurred that century; after World War II, plastic parts became more commonly used in place of wood in the production of rubber stamps. Self-inking stamps with built-in stamp pads were introduced in the early 1970s.


Rubber Stamp King employees and customers alike should consider how fortunate they are today to benefit from centuries of improvements and enhancements to stamps. Our company has a rather strong history of its own; we have been offering rubber stamps for beyond a quarter of a century, which has enabled us to develop the quality of what we offer with regard to both stamps and services.


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