In an era in which it seems that everything is done via a computer screen, it's easy to underestimate just how profound a role certain more 'time-honoured' technologies can continue to have in the office. That is certainly the case with rubber stamps, which are widely used for indicating important information on all manner of documents.

Ready made office stamps, though, can add even greater practicality, their pre-inking meaning no need for a separate pad. For those wondering about the full range of possibilities of such stamps, a quick look at the current product selection of Rubber Stamp King is particularly instructive. The company is one of the UK's premier suppliers of custom rubber stamps and accessories online, and among these can be found ready made stamps that are always in stock and available for immediate despatch.

Your office may need a stamp to indicate an overdue account, for example, or with such terms as CREDIT, DRAFT, SAMPLE and CONFIDENTIAL. Schools also routinely order ready made stamps to indicate 'good work' on the part of a pupil. Along similar lines, stamps featuring stars and happy faces can be ordered.

Indeed, Rubber Stamp King offers a complete range of educational stamps bearing messages like 'Great improvement', 'Writing Achievement', 'Much Better' and 'Marvellous Effort', so that whatever good work the pupil has done, their achievements can be indicated. There are even certain more subject-specific ready made stamps like 'Spelling Achievement', 'Reading Achievement' and 'Maths Achievement'.

For most British offices, however, it is the many other ready made office stamps that Rubber Stamp King offers that can be most useful. Self-inked PAID and PAID WITH THANKS stamps are available, as are ones bearing such messages as RECEIVED, FAXED, COPY, CONFIRMATION and COMPLETED.

That's before one considers the more specialised products out there, like the Trodat 3 in 1 Pre-Inked Stamp. It incorporates three popular titles for such a stamp - such as PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL, FAXED and FILE COPY - in a handy stack. The ability to clip together the individual stamps in any sequence makes the stamp stack highly versatile and easy to use, with the pre-inked material ensuring the printing of thousands of quality impressions.

There are other available combinations of stamps for the Trodat 3 in 1 - such as CONFIDENTIAL, COPY and DRAFT, or FIRST CLASS, AIRMAIL and POSTED. It's just one more indication of the extremely vast range of possibilities for ready made office stamps, especially when they are sourced from a leading online store like Rubber Stamp King.