What's the point of a security marking stamp?

At the same time, we also seem to possess so much more... stuff than our forebears ever did. When you consider all of the sometimes very valuable items in the average home or workplace, from PCs, tablet computers and smartphones to TVs, notepads, furniture and more, it's easy to see how so much stuff gets lost, stolen or misplaced. There are various ways of helping to avoid this, and one of our favourite is our very own custom security marking stamp.


What's a security marking stamp for? Well, you use it to securely, quickly and easily mark your possessions... and that's it. What you actually mark your items with is - of course - your decision, but people usually include such details as their name, postcode and house number. The idea is that if police find your stolen property, they can discover the marking and return the item to you, the rightful owner.


When you want to securely mark your goods, you just can't do better than our complete security marking stamp kit. It uses special security ink that is invisible to the naked eye, but nonetheless able to be seen under UV light. The complete kit consists of a MaxStamp 3 SI-30 self-inking stamp, dry ink pad, quick drying UV ink bottle and UV light key ring.


Perhaps the best thing of all about our security marking stamp, however, is that it really is custom made. All that you have to do is place your order and then email us the details and elements - such as the logos, text and borders - that you would like the design to include. We'll then email you a complete design for you to check and approve. Once your artwork is approved, it can be posted 1st class on the same or next working day.


Don't forget that we also stock the necessary special quick drying UV ink that shines green when exposed to UV light, and which can also be used with hand stamps for the likes of night clubs, pubs and events. Overall, we don't think you'll find a superior security marking stamp in any other store than Rubber Stamp King.


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