Which is the best type of rubber stamp - traditional, self-inked or pre-inked?


If you're anything like so many people, you might have thought to yourself that a rubber stamp is just a rubber stamp - how complicated could it be?


However, when the time comes for you to actually purchase a rubber stamp or seven - whether for crafting or business documentation - you'll realise that your final choice of rubber stamp doesn't merely come down to colour - or even the store that you purchase it from.


Here at Rubber Stamp King, we've been supplying both standard and more specialised rubber stamps for decades, and in that time, have built up a formidable stock of traditional, self-inked and pre-inked stamps.


But which type suits your needs best?


Traditional stamps are familiar enough to almost everyone - they're often mounted on a piece of wood that also serves as the holder, and you will need to use a separate ink pad to apply ink to the rubber that is then transferred onto the paper. When the pad dries up, you will need to refill it.


The traditional stamp is often the favoured choice of craft enthusiasts, and is also usually the cheapest. However, you shouldn't underestimate the sheer convenience and ease of use offered by the alternatives. Self-inking stamps, for instance, have an ink pad built into them, which removes all worry about losing your ink pad and not being able to find it when you actually need it.


Most convenient of all of these types, however, are the pre-inked stamps that have the ink or dye built into the body itself. Not only are these stamps smaller than their self-inking equivalents, but they are similarly easy to centre and position for the best possible image. These stamps can produce hundreds or even thousands of impressions, but are also the most expensive type.


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Your ultimate choice of rubber stamp depends on your budget and what exactly you need it for. Each type has its undoubted strengths and weaknesses, so think carefully before purchasing.


Thankfully, when you shop for your rubber stamps at Rubber Stamp King, whether you eventually opt for traditional, self-inking or pre-inked stamps, you can be rest assured of getting the very best product, potentially customised with your own text, logos and border. Why not take a closer look at our offerings right now?


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