Some of the rubber stamps you might not have thought of

If there is any invention that was surely going to be phased out with the arrival of widespread office IT and the 'paperless office', it was the humble rubber stamp. However, things haven't quite worked out like that. Yes, our workplaces may now be full of all manner of desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, printers and fax machines, but they also seem to be as cluttered with paper as they ever were.

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Stamp your latest marketing campaign with a useful QR code

Rubber stamping is an old piece of technology that is keeping pace with modern offices. Just consider the QR code stamp. This is a nifty way to put a web link onto any piece of paper, which can then be scanned by smartphone users.

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The many possibilities for ready made office stamps

In an era in which it seems that everything is done via a computer screen, it's easy to underestimate just how profound a role certain more 'time-honoured' technologies can continue to have in the office. That is certainly the case with rubber stamps, which are widely used for indicating important information on all manner of documents.
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