Date stamps are ever-practical - and available from us

For all of the predictions that you might have heard about the demise of the rubber stamp - "after all", so the saying goes, "surely one day, absolutely everything will be done via a computer screen" - they remain as common a sight in our homes and workplaces as they have ever been. Indeed, there's still a very broad range of types of stamps that people require for various purposes, from cheque stamps and Christmas stamps to ID fraud protection stamps and loyalty card stamps.

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Mechanic stamps and other less obvious rubber stamp options

If you'd told an office colleague just 10-15 years ago that rubber stamps would not merely still exist in the year 2014, but would actually be thriving, they might have considered you quite mad. After all, those years ago, expectations were more widespread of the 'paperless office' becoming an inevitable reality. We expected all of today's assorted techno-gadgetry to sweep away those remnants of a manual past, with rubber stamps surely being the first to be ditched.

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