The Enduring Appeal of Rubber Stamps

In the face of widespread office IT and the 'paperless office,' many thought the humble rubber stamp would be phased out. But things haven't quite worked out that way.

Our workplaces may now be filled with desktops, tablets, smartphones, printers, and fax machines, yet they often seem as cluttered with paper as ever. Interestingly, there's been a surge in the variety of rubber stamps available, with some even emerging due to advancements in technology.

Consider social media stamps, for instance. These are a great way to advertise your company's social media presence on traditional paper materials like business cards, invoices, and letterheads.

A strong selection of social media stamps is offered by the online store Rubber Stamp King. These stamps display messages like "Follow us on Twitter" accompanied by a QR code. When scanned with a smartphone, the code takes users directly to your social media page. The store also offers Facebook equivalent stamps, each capable of up to 50,000 impressions.