Trodat 4612 10mm Round Self-Inking Custom Rubber Stamp

Pocket Powerhouse: The Trodat 4612 Custom Stamp - Your Loyalty Card BFF from Rubber Stamp King

Tired of fumbling with bulky stampers and messy ink pads? Rubber Stamp King's Trodat Printy 4612 is here to rescue your loyalty card game! This pocket-sized wonder packs a punch of efficiency in a cute, 10mm round stamp.

Why the 4612 is your loyalty card hero:

  • Tiny but mighty: Fits snugly in your pocket or bag, always ready for rewarding action.
  • Self-inking magic: No messy pads, just thousands of crisp impressions with a single press.
  • Round and proud: The 10mm circle is perfect for loyalty cards and small spaces.
  • Customise it your way: Add your logo, a catchy phrase, or any design that sparks joy.
  • Lightning-fast service: Order by 11am on weekdays and your custom stamp ships the same day!

Rubber Stamp King makes it easy to create the perfect loyalty card stamp. Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and even add fun graphics to make your mark unforgettable.


  • Rewarding customers with ease: No more ink smudges or illegible stamps.
  • Adding a touch of personality: Your unique design says "thank you" in a special way.
  • Boosting brand recognition: Every stamp reinforces your logo and message.

Stop settling for bulky, messy stampers. Elevate your loyalty program with the Trodat 4612 custom stamp from Rubber Stamp King! Order yours today and experience the power of pocket-sized perfection.

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