Trodat 4810 Mini Date Stamp

Conquer Calendars and Documents with the Trodat 4810 Mini Date Stamp from Rubber Stamp King

Stay organised and on top of deadlines with the pocket-sized powerhouse, the Trodat 4810 Mini Date Stamp from Rubber Stamp King! This simple yet efficient tool keeps your dates crisp and clear, whether you're slaying paperwork at your desk or conquering tasks on the go.


  • Effortless date stamping with a single press, thanks to the reliable self-inking technology. No messy refills or smudged ink, just thousands of precise impressions.
  • Compact and convenient: This mini marvel slips easily into your pocket or pen case, ready to stamp whenever duty calls.
  • Same-day dispatch: Order by 11am on weekdays and your pre-inked Trodat 4810 hits the road, ensuring you're never caught off guard by a forgotten date.

The Trodat 4810 isn't just for desks! This versatile stamp thrives in various scenarios:

  • Organise important documents: Stamp receipts, invoices, and contracts with accurate dates for clear record-keeping.
  • Plan like a pro: Mark calendars and planners with precise dates to stay ahead of deadlines and commitments.
  • Craft with confidence: Add precise dates to handmade creations for a personal touch and lasting memories.

Rubber Stamp King makes life easier. With the ready-to-use Trodat 4810, you skip the customisation wait and enjoy instant stamping power.

Here's why the Trodat 4810 is your date-stamping hero:

  • Always in stock and lightning-fast: Never be without your date stamp companion!
  • Durable and reliable: Built to last, ensuring countless accurate impressions.
  • Budget-friendly: Invest in efficiency without breaking the bank.

Time waits for no one, but with the Trodat 4810 Mini Date Stamp, you don't have to! Order yours from Rubber Stamp King today and experience the power of organised precision anytime, anywhere.

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