A Legacy in Ink: The History of Trodat Rubber Stamps
A Legacy in Ink: The History of Trodat Rubber Stamps | Rubber Stamp King

A Legacy in Ink: The History of Trodat Rubber Stamps

For over a century, Trodat has been a leading name in the world of rubber stamps. Their innovative designs and commitment to quality have made them a trusted brand for businesses and individuals alike. But how did this Austrian company rise from humble beginnings to become a global leader? Let's delve into the fascinating history of Trodat rubber stamps.

From Kitchen Stove to Pioneering Plastics

The story of Trodat begins in 1912 Vienna, Austria. Franz Just and his wife started a small business boiling stamp inks on their kitchen stove and bottling them for sale. Fast forward to the late 1940s, and Trodat took a bold step, pioneering the use of plastic in stamp manufacturing. Their invention, the first plastic date stamp, marked a turning point. The "Trodat" name itself is a clever portmanteau, with "Tro" referencing the then-popular plastic material "Trolitul" and "Dat" an abbreviation for "date stamp." This innovative design offered a lighter and more durable alternative to traditional wooden or metal stamps.

The Rise of a Global Brand

The 1960s saw further growth for Trodat. The company officially registered the "Trodat" brand name and relocated to Upper Austria. This period also marked the beginning of their international expansion, with exports reaching neighboring European countries. Trodat continued to push boundaries throughout the following decades. In the 1990s, they embraced laser technology, revolutionising the production of stamp imprints with laser plotters for text plate creation.

Trodat Today: A Legacy of Innovation

Today, Trodat Trotec Group is a global company with a presence in over 40 countries. Their product range has expanded significantly, encompassing a wide variety of self-inking stamps, traditional rubber stamps, and other marking solutions. Despite their international success, Trodat remains committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of stamp technology.

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