You won't find as good a range of cheque stamps anywhere else


Cheques may be a very traditional means of paying people, but they remain widely used here in the United Kingdom, and if you are one of those still using them, you may appreciate one of our cheque stamps as a way of quickly communicating vital information. You may use yours to stamp your company name on the 'payable to' field, stamp the current date or print your authorised signature.


Whatever you wish to use a cheque stamp for, you're sure to find the ideal one for you in the current cheque stamps range here at Rubber Stamp King. One of our best-selling stamps in this category is the Traditional Rubber Stamp 75x6mm SLR Traditional Style, which is a good old-fashioned, no-nonsense stamp. You can order it with your choice of text, logos and border at no additional cost.


Just a little further up our price range for cheque stamps is the MaxStamp 1.5 Self Inking Stamp 69x9mm, which again, can be specified with the text, logos and border of your desire. Being a self-inking stamp, it is available with ink pads in any of a range of colours, namely black, blue, red, green or purple. Another available ink pad option is 'dry', for those intending to use their own or a separate ink. This stamp's manufacture from high impact plastic and the included replaceable ink pad makes it a good value proposition.


Other high quality but affordable cheque stamps in stock right now at Rubber Stamp King include the Trodat Printy 4916 Self Inking Stamp 68x9mm, which is again made from high impact plastic and includes a long-lasting replaceable ink pad. Much the same can be said of the Colop Printer 15 Custom Self Inking Stamp 67x8mm CP15, which is just one more of our many highly dependable stamps in this category.


Finally, we are also delighted to be able to offer the Perma Pre Inked Custom Cheque Stamp LP1 - 75x6mm Stamp-Ever. This very popular, premium quality stamp is able to provide as many as 50,000 impressions before there is any need to refresh it. All that you need to do to make the stamp ready to print is remove the protective cover, replacing it after use to prolong its life.


Keep checking back here at Rubber Stamp King for the latest and greatest cheque stamps, all on offer at the most competitive prices, or place an order today for quick dispatch.