Self-inking stamps are perfect for your business

Self-inking stamps are perfect for your business


Unlike traditional stamps which separate the ink pad from the stamp itself, self-inking stamps instead incorporate both parts into one simple mechanism. This makes them perfect for busy office environments.


The biggest benefit which comes with self-inking stamps is clearly the associated rise in productivity. There are few offices in the world in which employees don’t regularly need to use the same phrase over and over – so it makes sense to provide a stamp which does the same work in a fraction of the time. The writing of employees will naturally change, while a clear stamp can be quickly identified, and stands as a symbol of your professionalism.


Self-inking stamps make that process even easier. The stamp rests against the pad, preventing it from drying out, so there’s no need to keep going back and forth, and the whole thing can be put to one side quickly without anyone having to worry that it will dry out. You’ll also be able to travel with them more conveniently, allowing you to use them at company events without having to concern yourself with leaks or unclear images.


They’re also less messy. There’s no risk of spilling ink on your hands, clothes, or paperwork. Since the ink is in the rubber itself, you’ll just need to remove the older pad and then slip in a new one. You can even change colours easily if the need should arise. Of course, self-inking stamps last a lot longer than traditional stamps, so you won’t need to change the ink as frequently in any case.

At Rubber Stamp King, we allow you to personalise your order. That doesn’t just mean you can select a certain model, size, and ink colour. When you add your text details, you’ll be able to specify the required font and even upload artwork or your company logo. Once that’s done, we’ll email you a PDF preview image so you can verify that it’s exactly what you had in mind. If not, we’ll be sure to amend it.


We’ve been supplying rubber stamps all across the country for over a quarter of a century – and use only the latest digital laser cutting technology - so you can rest assured that your product will be of the highest quality.